What we do

So much more than a talent agency

We are here to help. Every business is unique with its own set of objectives to meet and ambitions to strive towards. Our approach has evolved over the years. Having worked with some of the largest businesses in the world, we have taken this experience and have created an offer that delivers the services we know our clients need. Read on to find out more and to better understand why we are so much more than a recruitment agency.


Managed Services

Whether you are delivering a specific project, setting up an office overseas or simply want someone to take the headache out of your expansion plans, we are here to help.

Working closely with our customers, we put outsourced agreements in place to deliver onsite, near or offshore requirements.

Staying close to our customers, we provide transparent budgets, weekly reporting, progress deliverables and a team you can trust to meet with your expectations and timescales.

Rather than work as a contractor, we become an extension of your team. Working in this way builds trust and means that we can become so much more than a project manager.


Employed Consultant Model

Flexibility is so important for business, especially when it comes to having the right people in place. Complementing your existing permanent and contingency staffing, we give you access to our trusted team.

As well as removing challenges with IR35, you can normally benefit from a 10 – 20 per cent reduction in cost when compared to a traditional contract model.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The services we offer are not unique to us, but the approach we take and the team we have are.

You can trust us to handle the full recruitment process or project-based requirements. What’s important is that we look at your objectives and create a bespoke plan to meet with your needs.

You are our priority, and it is our job to find the right people to support your business. That’s what makes us so much more than an outsourced service provider.


Executive Search

Industry knowledge and category insight are essential if you are to find the right executives to join your business. Attracting the best talent in the sector isn’t always easy, and that is why strong networks are invaluable.

With a team of sector specialists, we source the best candidates from across the world to meet with very specific briefs that take into account experience and cultural fit. We don’t fit round pegs in square holes, that’s why we consider executive search to be so much more than a position to be filled.


Contract Labour

Working with detailed Statement of Works, you can rely on us to manage key projects on your behalf.

Typically supporting for between six and eighteen months, you can have access to our approved global database of contractors, trusting us to deliver the results you are looking for.


Contingent Recruitment

Finding people isn’t the problem, finding good people often is.

Giving you the support you need to expand, we identify candidates that want to take up permanent positions with you.

However many colleagues you are looking for, we will work with you to create the structure you need to meet with your wider business ambitions.