Our Story

Where it all began

It may surprise you to hear that as individuals we are very different – in fact, poles apart.

What matters is that we have the same commercial mindset. We see things as businessmen. We analyse, strategise and plan. We get excited by moving our clients from where they are, to where they want to be.

This comes from our careers as senior executives at some of the largest firms in the world. It’s true. We don’t come from this industry, but our experience gives us a unique advantage. It means you benefit from two consultants that have been in your shoes and walked your path.

Our business is based on the experiences we have had, good and bad. Let’s meet up and talk more about where we have been and where you want to be.

So much more than people working together

Every single person at Hortor is different. Each individual has the talent you need. And that’s what’s important. We don’t appoint people to share their headshot on our website. We look for the right people that can work with you to solve the challenges that you have.

As well as industry specialists in the UK, we also have people on the ground where we need regional knowledge across the globe. We have native speakers and Hortor employees that live in each location, giving them local insight to pass on to you.

Andy Roe


Andy Nicholson