How Salesforce Can Support Business Success

Niall Cook, Head of the Hortor Salesforce division (US, EMEA and APAC), is a subject matter expert and has come to the business with a breadth of experience that is complemented with values that include respect, integrity, service and excellence.

With intelligent market insight and access to an extensive, specialist network, Niall is able to offer clients the very best talents in the sector, along with support from a professional that thinks beyond the immediate brief and instead to the future. 

Niall comments: “The briefs that I receive may be to find quality candidates for certain positions, but the truth is that this is just the start. What I actually want to deliver is a service that looks longer term and takes the ambitions of a business into consideration.  

“It is a competitive market, but many companies still adopt an outdated approach. As I see it, I want to build relationships with the businesses I work with and that means saving time, providing candidates not applicants, reducing costs, supporting with employer brand, giving access to key strategic skills and ultimately delivering peace of mind.” 

With significant changes to Salesforce, the cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system, companies now have further opportunity to adapt the way that they work and the information that they can access, meaning that attracting talent in this specialism is becoming increasingly important. 

As companies adapt and embrace digital transformation, more are also looking to use customer data strategically in an omnichannel world, invest in AI and machine learning, increase the mobility of CRM and consider how emerging technologies such as AI and VR can improve business processes, outputs and impact on the bottom line. 

Niall continues: “I am a creative problem solver everyday on both the candidate and client sides. Candidates are coming to me for advice on how to develop their careers and clients are partnering with me for my expertise in their space and for matching the best talent. That is why I need to be an expert in this system and understand the real benefits it can deliver. 

“The spotlight is going to be shining on Salesforce integration, Einstein voice, lightening web components and Customer 360. It is my job to pass the opportunities that these developments have on to my clients. 

“The recent partnership between Salesforce, Google and Apple will definitely innovate customer experience and with a plethora of solutions and products across domains it is less about whether companies should have an expert in house and more importantly how imminently that appointment can happen.”

Salesforce is not a single service or product solution, it now has marketing, e-commerce, AI, IoT and customer experience expertise that can be accessed by businesses of all sizes. For further details about the approach that Niall takes please visit