Andy Roe, COO of Hortor

Hortor Invests Quarter of a Million in Tech

We are very pleased to share that we have invested quarter of a million pounds into software and tech to support our business as we continue to expand the services we offer to clients around the world.

As a company that has worked exclusively with tech and digital specialists for more than eight years now, we have seen the growth and development of AI across evolving markets including energy, IT and telecoms.

Meeting with clients changing needs, we have therefore invested £250k into software that will allow our growing team to deliver greater benefits for organisations through AI enabled programmes.

Chief Operating Officer for Hortor, Andy Roe, comments: “As a progressive business, we know that we need to invest in the tech that will allow us to continue to meet with the complex requirements of a growing and global client base.

“This investment in AI is as much about our team as it is our customers, after all, we need to provide them with the tools to do the very best job possible. There is no doubt the future is in AI and that companies ignoring this fact will be left behind. Thankfully, we won’t be one of them.”