At Hortor we want to make the world of careers and connections work harder and smarter.

Through Hortor Grad2Industry, we can provide the professionally trained graduates our clients are
looking for to meet with their objectives. Ultimately, it is our goal to invest in today’s talent for

The process is simple. We follow three steps: recruitment, training and onboarding.

Through strategic partnerships with some of the UK’s leading universities, we identify candidates to
join our 12-week intensive training programme, which is tailored to each client.

Delivering instructor-led courses, all recruits will receive class-based training, as well as individual
assessments and any necessary certifications that may be required for a specific role.

On completion, each graduate becomes a contractor to your business, employed by Hortor.
Continuous development is offered through our dedicated CPD programme for a further three

Once the three months intensive training period is over, clients are given the choice: employ that
member of staff for an agreed fee or continue with the contractor model.

Flexible, effective and affordable.

Bridging the gap between professional talent and ambitious business.

The hortor model

Every business is different and that is why we have created a pyramid of services for our customers. We never assume to know what our clients need, we work with them to build a plan.

Whether you are looking for contingent recruiment for a short-term project, a managed service that is bespoke to your needs, or something in between, we can help.

For more information about each service offering, please click below.

News & Case studies

  • Supporting the transition of global services

    A mid-sized UK based business-to-business company needed support with the transition of services to Central Europe and South America.

  • Managing workflow and resourcing challenges

    A global technology company was saturated with vacancies, causing unavoidable workflow and resourcing challenges within the business.

    The organisation recognised it needed an alternative solution to the preferred supplier agreement in place if it was to find the talent it so desperately required.     

  • Delivering a bench of qualified talent

    An IT Services Business was planning a phased expansion in order to meet with its strategic objectives. Implementing a digital transformation project, which would update its technology infrastructure, the company needed Developers and Analysts to support with its Robotic Process Automation (RPA).