Telecoms support

From consultants to core delivery team


The challenge

A global telco was expanding and required a flexible resourcing solution that would provide access to talent across Central Europe and Asia.

Supporting a long-term project, it was becoming increasingly difficult to find suitable candidates.

What’s more, the project was critical for continuity of service.

Our approach

Due to the nature and length of the project, it was recommended that the client use an Employed Consultant Model.

This meant we could provide dedicated resources that would work in conjunction with the clients teams to deliver a strict project plan.

The difference we made

Right from the start of the project, our consultants became a part of the core delivery team. Rather than be considered a third party, the approach was to work as an extension of the client’s internal department.

This meant that relationships built quickly and the project could be delivered on time and with no loss of service.

The project was so successful that the client requested we use the same model to meet with a second brief, which was a huge compliment to our team and further affirmation that the ECM delivers huge benefits for businesses of all sizes.