Sustainable energy

Business are Plugging into the Fact that Environmental Commitment Delivers Commercial Value

As a company that specialises within the energy sector, we have a team of category experts that are constantly watching how the market is changing, and importantly, the impact that this has on the wider business community.

The energy sector is one that has seen some seismic shifts in recent years, not just in relation to innovative approaches to identifying new, clean and more sustainable sources of energy, but the attitude that organisations have outside of the sector.

Gone are the days when it was enough to put a post-it next to each switch in the office to remind employees to turn them off; a recycling bin in the corner to sort and collect paper-based waste; and arrange a tree planting exercise once a year.

Companies are being held accountable and are expected to have measurable commitments in place to meet with carbon neutral policies and net zero targets. The environment has become a priority for businesses of all sizes, across all industries.  

What’s more, those organisations that have become early-adopters are recognising that the benefits to embedding good practice into the workplace go well beyond the environment. Many have now seen that sustainability impacts on the commercial value of a company too.

Arguably, for the first time, the impact that every business has on the planet has moved from a tick-box to the bottom line. The reality is that those that don’t appreciate that, will also be those that miss out on the benefits a more conscious approach to business can and will deliver.

Businesses are plugging in to the fact that environmental commitment delivers commercial value and we see now signs of this ‘trend’ stopping anytime soon.

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